Inspiring among all peoples an overflowing joy in God through Jesus Christ

What type of church is Neighborhood Church?

We know that titles can often be misunderstood and are sometimes misleading, but if we were to describe Neighborhood Church, we would say that we are a Bible-believing, non-denominational, elder-led church that embraces the Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation and specifically the Doctrines of Grace.

What do you mean by “Bible-believing"?

By “Bible-believing,” we mean that we hold the Bible to be the inspired word of God, inerrant in its original languages. The Bible determines our theology, directs the way we live, and decides how we organize and conduct ourselves as a church. No other authority holds more importance than the Bible, and every decision we make must be informed by Scripture.

What do you mean by “non-denominational”?

As a “non-denominational” church, we are an independent church that is not a member of any denomination or organization. Although we partner with many others, we are led by our own leadership team and determine our own doctrine and policies in accordance with Scripture. We are committed to raising up and developing our own church leaders.

What do you mean by “elder-led”?

Being an “elder-led” church means that we are led by a team of elders and not by a single pastor. Our elders have different gifts, skills, backgrounds and experiences—all of which serve to enhance the effectiveness of our leadership team. Our elders are assisted by a team of deacons and are advised by a Leadership Advisory Council, which includes all elders, deacons, pastoral staff and other key church leaders.

What are the Five Solas?

The Five Solas are phrases that emerged during the Protestant Reformation, which summarize our core theological beliefs and serve as pillars of our faith:

  • Scripture Alone:  The Bible is the only inspired and authoritative word of God.
  • Faith Alone:  We are saved by faith alone and not by any combination of good works.
  • Grace Alone:  Our salvation is by grace alone, and is not in any way earned or deserved by us.
  • Christ Alone:  Christ is the only mediator between God and man, and salvation is secured by Christ and is available through no one else.
  • Glory to God Alone:  All glory for our salvation goes to God alone, for our salvation is accomplished through His will and action.

What are the Doctrines of Grace?

The Doctrines of Grace are a summary of the biblical teaching that God is the Sovereign Author of Salvation. Although all are undeserving, God saves people by opening their eyes to truth, changing their hearts to desire Him, causing them to repent of their sin, and granting them faith in Christ. Although salvation does require personal action—namely, repentance and faith—no one can boast in or take credit for his or her salvation, because even faith and the ability to repent are free gifts from God for which He should receive all glory (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Still have questions?

Should you have any questions, please contact our elders, who would be glad to discuss them with you.