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Water Baptism

Jesus Christ has conquered death and sin by his sinless life and death. He is the resurrection and life. Apart from Him, there is only slavery to sin and endless alienation from God. Joined to Him there is indestructible life reconciled to God forever.

God has established water baptism as the initiation rite by which believers portray and celebrate their union with Christ in his sin-atoning death and resurrection life

What does water baptism represent?

Water baptism signifies being buried with Christ into death and likewise being resurrected with him into newness of life (Rom 6:4). In this regard, baptism is an enactment of "going under" in death and burial followed by "emerging" from death in resurrection life.

What is with the whole "immersion" thing?

By faith believers are united to Christ and share in the benefits of both His atoning death and resurrection to eternal life (Col 2:12). The Bible also relates baptism to having one's sins "washed away" in connection with this new life in Christ (Acts 22:16).

We treasure the rich symbolism of being totally immersed and raised up out of the water in baptism. It points to the spiritual reality of being buried and raised up again in union with Christ. We love the picture of a complete "washing" away of one's sins and being raised up in a new identity of righteousness cleansed from sin.

We believe this accords with the language and practice in the New Testament church (Mark 1:10; Acts 8:39) and honors God by marking a clear link to death, purification, and resurrection life in Christ.

Who should be baptized?

Since water baptism portrays a person being joined to Christ through faith in His sin-atoning death and death conquering resurrection, we uphold the New Testament pattern of baptizing only those who have repented of their ungodliness and made a credible profession of faith in Christ (Acts 2:41; 8:12).

Should infants be baptized?

We believe it is biblically unwarranted and unhelpful to baptize infants or others when there is no basis for knowing they are spiritually joined to Christ by faith.

Should I be baptized?

If you have put your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord but have never been baptized as a believer, then you should follow God’s command to be baptized as an affirmation of your faith. Baptism is a symbol of beginning the Christian life. Apart from the thief on the cross, the New Testament knows nothing of an unbaptized believer. We encourage all true believers to be baptized in obedience to Christ!

What should I do if I want be baptized?

If you would like to be baptized, start by talking with an older Christian who has shown commitment to helping you grow in your Christian faith. You can also contact the church office to talk with a church leader about preparation for baptism.