Inspiring among all peoples an overflowing joy in God through Jesus Christ

After you’ve connected with God through our Sunday Worship Services, the best way to grow deeper is by joining a Small Group. With groups meeting throughout the week in various locations throughout Anderson, Cottonwood, Redding, and the surrounding areas, we have a Small Group that’s right for you.

What is a small group, and why are they so important?

A Small Group is a group of people who meet weekly for fellowship and accountability, study and prayer, good times and tears.  At the heart of a small group is the desire to see a community of believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and embody the mission of the Bible to make disciples. The Church is not a building--it is people.

At Neighborhood Church, small groups are the place where the majority of discipleship and care takes place. Small groups are where we encourage one another to be worshipers of our Lord and where the church becomes a family that loves, cares for, and challenges one another.

It is our desire to see every person at Neighborhood Church loved, cared for, and challenged within a thriving small group community. It is also our desire that our neighbors are blessed and touched by the love of Jesus through the lives of our church family as we reach out and display and declare our joy in God.

At Neighborhood Church we have a passion for leading people into the joy of an all-satisfying relationship with Jesus Christ and building them up to spiritual maturity. The small group is a primary vehicle for fulfilling these objectives. 

What should I expect when I go?

Each small group is unique because each group reflects the diversity of its members and the neighborhood in which it exists. However, you can always expect to find a weekly gathering that involves conversation, prayer, discussion on applying the Bible to practical living, and opportunities to serve each other.

Small groups are an environment for building relationships with one another--relationships that include challenging one another to drive God’s Word deeply into our lives. Most groups choose to work through a study guide for a book of the Bible or a topical study guide that is centered on the study of the Bible.

However, small groups are much more than just Bible studies: They are communities--places where we can laugh, cry, work, and play together for glory of Jesus. This means you might also expect your small group to gather for BBQ’s or birthday parties, meet to do yard work for an elderly neighbor or to visit people in the hospital, or commit to working together in children’s ministry or at a church work day.